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Know More About Stiefel’s History

An unrelenting passion for skin health is what began the Stiefel story, and it continues to drive our constant pursuit of developing the most advanced skin care products available around the world. 

Fine soaps and candles, distributed to local families and churches. Humble beginnings; but serving the people of his community is what our founder, John David Stiefel, always did best. Established in 1847, Stiefel emerged in a time of great scientific discovery. As the 19th century progressed, so did a focus on bacteria (germs) and skin health, and dermatology soon evolved into a separate medical specialty. It was then that J.D. Stiefel joined forces with trailblazing dermatologists Ferdinand von Hebra and Paul Unna to develop some of the world’s first medicated soaps.

This collaboration would be the first of many. Throughout its history, Stiefel has built a trusted reputation with dermatologists and other skin health professionals. In addition, Stiefel consumers have shared their dermatology and skin health needs and experiences, providing invaluable insight and understanding. This bond with dermatologists and consumers allows Stiefel to provide not only skin care products, but also a unique Stiefel dermatology and skin health experience.

Over the years, this breadth of insight from dermatologists and consumers alike has aided Stiefel in expanding beyond soap to pioneer several prescription and over-the counter-skin care products. We have introduced proven solutions and globalized breakthrough delivery vehicles, like VersaFoam® technology, to patients of every age, gender and skin type. More than 160 years later, skin health professionals and consumers have come to rely on Stiefel and its products to serve their needs.

Today, Stiefel continues to cultivate the tradition of J.D. Stiefel by collaborating with skin health professionals around the world. Armed with a zest for advancement and unique vision for the future, Stiefel continues to focus its energy and enthusiasm on advancing dermatology and skin health. It is this impassioned relentlessness that will ensure that Stiefel continues to develop and deliver tomorrow’s solutions.